Log Analytics View for Azure Automation DSC

Feel free to download and use my Log Analytics view for Azure Automation DSC. To get started with DSC please use the right menu on my blog and look through the examples. Also, before using this view the logs from Azure Automation DSC need to exist in Log Analytics. Please see my earlier post to push the logs into Log Analytics Link.

Picture of Log Analytics View

Log Analytics View for Azure Automation DSC

Link for download view: DSC Node Compliance Status (Last Hour)

4 thoughts on “Log Analytics View for Azure Automation DSC”

  1. Thank you Jonathan for this view, very usefull, I was just trying to create a OMS view and found this one :)..

    Testing it, I’ve found that this query:
    search Category == “DscNodeStatus” and TimeGenerated > ago(1h) | summarize AggregatedValue = dcount(NodeName_s) by ResultType | sort by AggregatedValue desc

    returns more Nodes that I have. This happens if one Node returns more than one ResultType within that hour.

    The query that works for me is this, that filters for the last DscNodeStatusData operation for every node:

    AzureDiagnostics | where OperationName == “DscNodeStatusData” and TimeGenerated > ago(1h) | summarize arg_max(TimeGenerated, *) by NodeName_s | summarize AggregatedValue = count() by NodeComplianceStatus_s

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    apologies if I’ve missed the post but do you have a script that can query the OMS workspace to pull data down as opposed to pushing data up?

    I’m having authentication issues and can’t see where I’m going wrong but will keep working on it

    Best wishes, Roly

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