Install Desired State Configuration on Linux system and connect it to Azure Automation

I received a question if it is possible to only install DSC for Linux servers without installing OMS agent as I do in my post Easy installation and registration script for OMS and DSC on Linux.

To install PowerShell DSC manually it is just to download the Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) agent from, and then PowerShell DSC from

But what if you want to install the components by a script? On the web there is a couple of ways to do this and this is my way. In my script I will download the OMS agent and then use the OMI package in there to install OMI that is needed for DSC on Linux. This is because there is no way to download the OMI package from OpenGroup with wget.

The script is using dpkg as installer and is tested on Debian and Ubuntu. To use it on systems that support rpm packages, change the dpkg and .deb files.


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