Deploy a Windows Container Host to a New Hyper-V Virtual Machine based on the Windows Server 2016 ISO

The following documentation “Deploy a Windows Container Host to a New Hyper-V Virtual Machine” explains in a very nice way how to deploy a Windows Container Host. In the example a Windows Server 2016 TP4 image will be downloaded to the computer that the script is ran on.

If you already have downloaded a copy of the Windows Server 2016 you can use the example below to deploy your Windows Container Host to a new Hyper-V VM without downloading a new copy of the OS.

Start by downloading the “New-ContainerHost.ps1” script.

wget -uri -OutFile c:\New-ContainerHost.ps1

To build the Windows Container Host on a new Hyper-V VM from a Windows Server 2016 ISO run the following and make a note of the parameter “-IsoPath” that points to the ISO.

c:\New-ContainerHost.ps1 -IsoPath C:\iso\Server2016TP4\10586.0.151029-1700.TH2_RELEASE_SERVER_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO -VmName ConTP401 -WindowsImage NanoServer -HyperV -Verbose

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