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Alternative solution to add Locale on User Configuration Item in Service Manager 2012

The solution is provided “AS-IS” with no warranties and may not be supported by Microsoft.

This is an alternative solution to add Locale on User Configuration Items (CI) in System Center Service Manager 2012 (SCSM). It will use a System Center Orchestrator Runbook to add the locale for the user SCSM CI.

The Runbook needs two kinds of input. One is the SamAccountName and the other one is the locale. This typical Runbook only sets sv-SE, if provided as an input, or en-US for all other kind of locale input. The Runbook can easily be modified to set other locale by extending the Runbook.


To be able to use this Runbook you need to have the Service Manager Integration Pack installed in Orchestrator.

Please feel free to download the Runbook and try it out yourself!

Runbook download: SetLocale