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Easy installation and registration script for OMS and DSC on Linux

This is an easy Linux bash script to install and register OMS and DSC for Azure Automation. The script uses dpkg for installation of a .deb file so use it for Linux systems that can use the installation option.

Paste the script and save it into an file. Change the variables for the OMS and DSC installation and registration. Chmod the script with execution rights and then run it as ./

Remember that the links in the script can change because of new agents.



OMS Linux Public Preview agent released

Now the Linux agent for OMS is released as a Public Preview. To download and install the agent access the OMS portal and then go to Settings and click the “Download Agent for Linux (Preview)” button. This will take you to the Github location for the agent.

Linux Public Preview agent for Linux released for OMS1

Also note that there are new configuration options under the menu Data.

 Linux Public Preview agent for Linux released for OMS2

Linux Public Preview agent for Linux released for OMS3



Install Application with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager on Linux

This is a recording on how to install an application from the Linux repository with SCCM 2012. The recording is in Swedish so for all of you that don’t speek Swedish, turn of the sound 🙂

Please click the link to open the recording in your media player: SCCM Installation av Linux Applikation