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Create an Azure Automation DSC Configuration with PowerShell

This is a short introduction on how you can create an Azure Resource Group, Azure Automation Account and DSC configuration with PowerShell.

The first one need is a DSC configuration file to upload into the DSC Configuration. In this example I will use an DSC Configuration file with configuration for the IIS role. To try this, save the following script as a PowerShell ps1 file as C:\DSC\IISFeature.ps1.

To create a Resource Group, Azure Automation Account and DSC Configuration with PowerShell run the following.


Delete Registered Servers in Azure Backup

I received a question about removing servers in Azure Backup the other day and thought I should point out where to remove them in Azure Backup. In the Azure Classic Portal -> Recovery Services and the Backup Vault where the servers are, click Registered Items and Delete the servers. By default, the Type is “Azure Virtual Machines” so don’t forget to change to the type you want to delete. See the picture below for details.

Delete Registrated Servers in Azure Backup01

If you get the following error message “You cannot delete vault XXXXXX because it contains registered servers. Delete the servers and the restore points for the server data, and then delete the vault” during Azure Backup Server installation and setup delete the server as described above.