Remove Client Push records in Configuration Manager 2012

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This solution stops Client Push in Configuration Manager 2012.

Start off by reading this at TechNet “What’s New in Configuration Manager for Windows-Based Computers”.

“Client push installation starts and tracks the installation of the client by using the Configuration Manager database and no longer creates individual .CCR files. When you enable client push installation for a site, all discovered resources that are assigned to the site and that do not have a client installed are immediately added to the database, and client installation begins.”

 Another thing that is good to know is that the SCCM server will stop to push to clients after 7 days if it cannot contact the client computers on the network. But before that it will try to push to them every hour until it succeeds.

Removing Client Push in Database

It is never supported to make changes directly to the database so this solution is only for test purposes.

Looking at the table ”ClientPushMachine_G” in the ConfigMgr database you can see the records of the client push.


What happens if we delete them or the one that returns error with client push? I have tried this in my lab environment and it seems to stop the client push to the clients.

If you want to try this yourself do this

  1. Generate client push records by using the application “Generate CCR” that you can find in the folder Adminconsle\Bin\ClientPushGenerator.exe on the ConfigMgr server. Generate clients that do not exist on the network. This will cause the push to return error.

Create a txt-file with the computernames under each other. Ex:




 Load this file into the application.


 2.      Look in the database table ”ClientPushMachine_G” to see if the clients have been registered.


You can also look in the view “v_CP_Machine” to see the clients.

 3.      Delete the rows with the clients you don’t want to push to anymore and look in the ccm.log to see if the push to this clients ends.

DELETE FROM ClientPushMachine_G WHERE Name like ‘Client01’;

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