Get Service Managers Review Activities Approver

If you use “Line Manager Should Approve” in Review Activities (RA) at Service Manager 2012 but don’t have the Manager attribute sat in AD on all Users, this Runbook could be something for you to check out :).

If there is not a Manager sat in AD for a user who needs approval in the Review activity, no one will be added to approve the request. The Review activity will then look like this without an approver.

Get Service Managers Review Activities Approver1

Out of the box , Service Manager will not tell you if it is missing an approver on a Review activity. Therefor I have created a Runbook that will gather this information into a log file.

Get Service Managers Review Activities Approver2

In my Service Manager and Orchestrator environment I have this running once every 8 hours and then a Runbook that is sending the log file in an e-mail if there are RA:s that needs approvers.

To be able to use this Runbook you need to have the Service Manager Integration Pack installed in Orchestrator.

Download Runbook: GetReviewActivityApprover

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