Free Orchestrator Portal – EUPSCO

EUPSCO is very nice free tool for Orchestrator. This tool provides a web portal for starting and adding input to the Runbooks. The portal also provides a simple Service Request integration with approval steps and the ability to give different people access to different Service Requests.

The setup is fast and easy but the full documentation is missing. The setup documentation is provided at the product blog and you will need a little bit of IIS knowledge to get it all working.

Here is some screenshots of the Web Portal

Main page of the portal as an administrator.

Free Orchestrator Portal - EUPSCO1

Configuration page for the Runbook portal.

Free Orchestrator Portal - EUPSCO2

Configuration page for the input parameters to the Runbook.

Free Orchestrator Portal - EUPSCO3

Request page for non administrator.

Free Orchestrator Portal - EUPSCO4

Approval page.

Free Orchestrator Portal - EUPSCO5

History page of requests.

Free Orchestrator Portal - EUPSCO6

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  1. tchtch April 24, 2015 at 20:06 #

    Hi Jonathan, Great Blog , thanks for share ….. I m wandering if you can provide us with EUPSCO download link , the one in the eupsco or scoops website is no more active …

    Thank you so mush.

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